Frequently Asked Questions

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Why am I required to provide my password for extra fast delivery orders?
One of our employees will log into your account and collect your money. By providing us access to your account this helps us finish your order much faster and we always finish extra fast delivery orders first, this also means less work for you, sit back and relax and we will always keep you updated with your account!
How will I receive the money? (Standard Delivery)
When you order you will be given the instructions, process and rules. Collecting your money can take up to 5-20 minutes.
Can I issue a refund?
If you haven't been given the money by us in the past exact 24 hours you can go ahead and ask for a refund and we will cancel your order and refund you, that only applies if its a problem on our end. After this period you are not allowed to get your money back at any time.
Can I get banned on Bloxburg by using this service?
No, our services and stock are legitimate. There is no exploits, hacks or scripts in this process.